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Rubber boots and Mittens

I went for a hike today,

A dead hike mom would say.

“Everything is brown,

The colours all down

Not a time for hiking

And too late for biking

You should have done this a month ago.”

As you can guess,

I left mom for a rest,

And to my surprise,

The place was alive.

First I was spooked,

By a nesting goose,

As I followed a path

That circles her bath

Then further I crept

And a whitetaileddeer lept,

From her exposed graze

To a pine tree maze

I next took the track

To the maple syrup shack

Followed “frostbite ridge” trail

To a flock of wild quail

and stood still to listen

to the morning dew glisten.

I stooped low to investigate

What a bear or fox ate

And took a wrong path

When did that maple collapse?

It began to snow

The wet stuff, you know.

When I found the track back,

I was met by the cat

He hopped on 3 feet

To the house where we sleep

So we completed the loop

Lured by scents of soup

To find Mom in the snow

Waiting with hot cocoa.


Better Than YouTube

This is a live feed of a webcam perched on a Bald Eagle’s nest in BC with a new chick!  At least every 20 minutes of my day today I have thought, “I wonder what the eagles are doing” and eagerly clicked on the tabbed page in my browser and refreshed the feed.  It’s so exciting to watch, every moment I wonder what could happen next and usually it’s absolutely nothing!


Tent caterpillars have suspended this can in their chosen target tree within their nest. Thanks for cleaning up caterpillars!

This photo did lead to a little research on what these critters are and here are the interesting bits:

– These caterpillars were laid as eggs by their mother moth last fall! They survive the winter in their eggs, up to -40C.

– Since they eat leaves, most of what they eat is indigestible so they excrete aka. poop, out 1/2 of what they eat.  In an area where there is an outbreak, this poop falls from trees like rain! ew.

– While they are seen as pests and people believe they “kill” trees.  They do not. They “defoliate” the tree (ie. eat all the leaves), however the tree lives on and re-foliates.  Only if the same tree is defoliated many times in a row and it is facing another threat ie. drought, does it risk death.

– If, for one reason or another, you don’t want them around, place a bucket of water 1/4 full at the bottom of the tree.  The caterpillars will be attracted to the bucket and will drown.

Wild Leek Picking in April Snow!

note: the snow on April 9, 2010, 9:00am

Off to pick Leeks at our secret patch!

"Leek picking can be a dangerous event...out in the the beaten path..."

Can you spot the leek patch?

mmmm, washed and ready they smell delicious! so fresh!