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Rubber boots and Mittens

I went for a hike today,

A dead hike mom would say.

“Everything is brown,

The colours all down

Not a time for hiking

And too late for biking

You should have done this a month ago.”

As you can guess,

I left mom for a rest,

And to my surprise,

The place was alive.

First I was spooked,

By a nesting goose,

As I followed a path

That circles her bath

Then further I crept

And a whitetaileddeer lept,

From her exposed graze

To a pine tree maze

I next took the track

To the maple syrup shack

Followed “frostbite ridge” trail

To a flock of wild quail

and stood still to listen

to the morning dew glisten.

I stooped low to investigate

What a bear or fox ate

And took a wrong path

When did that maple collapse?

It began to snow

The wet stuff, you know.

When I found the track back,

I was met by the cat

He hopped on 3 feet

To the house where we sleep

So we completed the loop

Lured by scents of soup

To find Mom in the snow

Waiting with hot cocoa.


My Sustainable Future…

In my sustainable future, No Frills will be a farmer’s market.

Wal Mart will host trade-ins, where you pay with credits that you’ve earned for bringing “stuff” back.  No one will work more than 30 hours away from home a week, and that work will be meaningful, inspiring, fulfilling and will always contribute to the greater good (why on earth most jobs do not seems terribly self-destructive for a species).

Sunday’s will return to a day of rest and family.  The plastics loop on the planet will be a closed system, only using and re-using what we’ve already made, no more new plastics.  Population growth will be an oxymoron.

The standard forms of transportation will be bike, horse (this is “my sustainable future” after all), wind powered boats, sun powered planes (they’re mighty close to the bright light) and food powered feet.  My love will be my life will be my work will be my pastimes will be my partner will be my children will be me.  We will live in a community of small, natural homes, surrounding a massive food forest.  Our compost heap and the sun will heat our greenhouse where we will grow an avacado tree. We will have a shared outdoor kitchen, even with a bbq. We will also have our own, private kitchen with a solar dehydrator, some new eco-kind of refrigerator, root cellars, and renew-ably powered appliances.  I will teach yoga, including handstands and cartwheels, and sustainable living and writing to youth and adults.  Children will be afraid of “strawberry candy” because they learned what a juicy, ripe, organic strawberry was long before the candy imposter.  Thus, “food” that in fact is not food, will not be sold as such.

Our community will have a huge library, with windows, plants and big spaces where we can lay on cushions, read and discuss.  Somehow, computers will have a role, maybe they will take the shape of a calendar on the wall listing everything that needs to be done that day, including baking cookies in the solar oven, meetings and having the youth learn to build a home.  My sister will be my neighbour, well maybe down the street, and my brother will be dreaming up designs for whole systems of communities that include not only building designs, but land-use, retrofits, and cradle to cradle principles.  We will know our neighboring communities, and while we may not always like them, we will compete with them in sport wholeheartedly.

Consumption will have been recognized as a black hole of human potential and a perpetuator of unhappiness. Clothes will be simple, natural, functional, beautiful and biodegradable.  We will have slowed the production of all forms of toxins enough so that nature will have removed those that she could, and enough to be able to exist forever with the ones that nature will never know what to do with.

The idea of going shopping as an activity, without a true need, will not be an idea.  Instead, that time will be spent thinking, creating, repairing, discussing, reflecting, and being still.  The only packaging that food will come in, will be the packaging that nature gave it.  You will carry your own basket or storage container to the store, fill it up from their storage container, weigh it, exchange some form of currency for it, and be on your merry way.  There will be one rainbow a day.  Two on holidays. And sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll actually see a flower open one of it’s buds, witnessing one of the most beautiful events this life brings.

I will feel joy with every breath I take, I will use intellectual intelligence every day and I will listen deeply with compassion and love for even the people I do not understand.  I will still feel pain, loss, sadness and despair.  And because these feelings seem innate to our species – a natural balance to my butterfly and unicorn fantasy – maybe the world will go on as it does.  We are in the Kali Yuga, the age where human civilization degenerates according to Indian scriptures.  There are systems that I can not paint in pretty pinks and sky blues, such as the legal system, the finance markets and the human ego brought to you by the letters “I”, “Me” and “Mine”. I don’t doubt that a sustainable future will indeed occur, but that does not mean it will be in our favour.  We are not the centre of the universe.  We are a mere manifest of it, and the Universe will sustain itself, not us.  But that does not rob me of my imagination and my heart.  So I will go on seeing the world through my rose-coloured glasses, picking flowers and singing on my bicycle.  I’m pretty sure in any future, I will still get to ride a horse and grow an avacado tree.

thought bubbles: A glimpse into the Internal Dialogue of a Thinker

I observe my mother like our cat watches the automatic vacuum cleaner that my parents own. Completely detached and curious, yet slightly frightened and confused.  Why is it bouncing from one wall to the other, disturbing everything in its path just to reach the wall and bounce off again, on another linear path.  It’s not that my mother makes a mid-frequency humming sound and walks into walls – at least, it hasn’t come to that.  However, it is her addiction to bouncing from one “to-do” item to the next, and if you get in her way, or don’t help as is expected, beware….

The Nomadic Life

Staying true to the title of our blog, we are on the move again.  It’s always a relief when we move around, because it means that this blog is still relevant.  Dylan is dying to buy a house and I wouldn’t mind it either, but this blog is always in the back of my mind, knowing it would have to meet its end when we settle in one place.  Truthfully, it’s not the blog I would mourn, but my nomadic freedom that it represents. For the past 8 years I have instinctively avoided purchasing items larger than my backpack – besides my bike.  It has made moving so easy that I am happy to do it often.  I love being able to up and go in less than a week’s notice – a house-sit here, yoga course there, rental to fill in the gaps.  There’s something about it that makes me feel light and free.  Owning a house would be nice so that I could nest a little, but knowing it could sell anytime would be better. hah.  I think I’d still have a hard time purchasing something as large and cumbersome as a bed or a table.  If I was a cartoonist, I’d draw me with a heavy bed strapped to my back trying to ride my bike….ugh.  The comic would probably culminate in the buckling of the bike with the bed crushing us both.  Talk about being weighed down.  Plus, did you know that most of our back/neck pains and aches in North America are caused by so much sitting in a chair-like position – driving, eating, working?  Our hamstrings grow tight, pulling on our backs, our ankles get so used to that 90 degree angle on the floor and our hip flexors grow short and lazy, compressing that sciatic nerve everyone’s always complaining about.  Even our soft, cushy beds do us more harm than good. Down with chairs and couches, in with cushions and floors!

If you’re wondering where we’re going here’s the line-up

– I’ll be at Spirit Point Wilderness Camp in Algonquin working for the next 3 weeks and Dylan will stay with my parents

October 2010: My parents place Thornbury, Ontario

November 2010: House-sitting in Markdale

December 2010: a (furnished – no bed-buying yet) rental house in Heathcote, Ontario – this could be for a long haul….maybe even more than a year!

We rarely stray from the Beaver Valley/Georgian Triangle area and all of the above locations are within these boundaries.  We have chosen to live in this beautiful area for it’s pure beauty and access to all the natural playgrounds you could imagine.  Our families are close by and we are developing an awesome community of like-minded friends and colleagues.  We have lived in a log-cabin in the forest, on the beach and will be moving to on the river.  We make less than $30,000…actually I think this year will be less than $20,000 as I took some time to nurture some projects and commit to the work I am meant to do.  We are happy, and I think from living in the moment and finding happiness within, great things have come to us.  If you don’t happen to live in this beautiful, natural area but would like to see, feel, taste, hear and smell it for yourself, please let me know, we would love to share it with you!