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I’m Not Supposed To Have Responsibilities….I’m a Hipsie.

We may have rooted ourselves.  It’s terrifying. 

We were debating chickens for a while but it’s pretty obvious we couldn’t commit.  We eased ourselves into it with a garden and some houseplants (just 2 houseplants).  But we still want to be mobile, we love it.  And then we even went and emptied Dylan’s storage unit and moved some more stuff into our house, as though we are going to live here for a long time.  Another year even.  It makes me want to run.  And now!  Now we’ve gone and got not one, but 2 cats!  We can’t even house-sit anymore unless we can bring it (we’re only planning on keeping one….for the mice of course), or unless we can find cat-sitters too.  This is getting ridiculous.  I feel like I should just pack up the car for practice to make sure I can still get outta here in one load.  One light in the dark tunnel towards “status quo life” is that we got a sweet FREE barbeque at the end of someone’s lane the other day!  Can’t believe they gave away a Weber that was barely used, came with all the accessories (even charcoal and mequite chips) AND it matches our cookware!

But then…..look at these faces…….I’m melting….



Yesterday we had a snow day. A 100% snowed-in-and-can’t-go-anywhere day. Major highways, schools, business, and public services were all closed. (I wonder if the soup kitchen managed to open). This isn’t the first snow day of the season. We had 3 “snow days” last week and 2 this week where buses weren’t running and people were advised to stay off the roads. Those were the kind of snow days that even people in the city get, where you can get out if you need to, so you at least go somewhere, or you can walk somewhere, and most people power through it anyways. Monday, the OPP were asking people to stay off the roads unless it was an emergency. I had a meeting not too far from home, so I ventured out and I saw 4, maybe 5, cars on roads that are usually well traveled. I was lucky to have stayed out of the ditches through the white-outs and made it home before dark. I was also lucky that no one else decided to give it a go because I spent a lot of my time on the wrong side of the road and blind.

I was likely experiencing cabin fever that day, because yesterday, around the same time, I proposed to Dylan that we go out somewhere. One listen to the OPP warnings on the radio and we wised up. There was a snow drift on our road that a few people were already stuck in and no one could get by, and the roads we would need were closed anyhow. Speaking to a colleague on the phone while stuck in the cabin, he used the word surrender to describe how one must accept these kinds of days and it rang true to me the whole day.

We spent the first 4 hours of the morning debating if we were going to get out today, various strategies of doing so, whether or not we would make it home and listening to the radio updates. When we finally surrendered to a snow day it was blissful. Weighted in by the snow, yet having space to work in, isolated us from all possible external distractions and allowed us to work with what we had. You dream of having a whole free day to __________ (ie. cook, build, fix, etc.) and when that day comes, you don’t have any of the resources on hand and you can’t get them. So you are forced to be creative and work with what you’ve got. So we did exactly that and even better yet, we did nothing. We relaxed. Laid around, read our books, did some yoga, and made an awesome mid-day veggie soup with potato scones to dip. There was nothing else to do and it was liberating. No TV and no internet is also quite liberating, because otherwise I’m sure we would have fallen back on them for some mindless entertainment that is not true relaxation, and soaks up the hours fast. I could have put in a full “work” day if I had the internet. When 4 o’clock rolled around it was sad to know that our snow day was coming to an end, until we realized we had already cooked for the day, so we still had the evening :). The day felt endless and re-energizing. Admittedly throughout the day, there was a gentle tugging notion that occasionally surfaced prompting me to do something, but it would subside when my mind reminded itself to simply surrender. I had to accept that nothing could be done and that everything would be there tomorrow and the day after, waiting to be done, none-the-wiser that it was being done a day later. It’s tough to know that life is carrying on as usual and you are not participating in it, something I’m sure many people experience in many different ways. But there is beauty in that, and the keys are acceptance and surrender.

Our 10th Home of the Year!

One year since The Local Gypsies Spot was born, we are moving into our 10th place of residence for the year.  Similar to this time last year, we are renting a cottage for a longer-term stay which always gets me both excited and apprehensive.  It will feel nice to unpack our bags (that we otherwise just leave open on the floor and live out of)

The cat loves our out-of-the-box way of life

and in this place we even have some space to set up our own paintings, decor etc.  What makes me a little nervous is that we’re committed to live here for a year, maybe more!  The commitment gets even deeper in that we’ve built a chicken coop for a family of chickens that we are expecting on the property!  Luckily, the coop is movable (like us), however we must confess that it will never fit into our gypsy-mobile/Range Rover.

We are expecting!....Chickens and a rooster!

I have also committed to working for an organization that runs out of this house (you may know it – Free Spirit Tours) and the owner/entrepreneur/my friend has got me nicely wrapped up in several projects that will keep me busy for a few years by the sounds of it.  Could this be the end of our nomadic life?  Not likely.  I don’t think Dylan will completely settle until we’ve purchased land or a house, and even then, we will move on.  It just may not be 10 homes in one year, perhaps one home every ten years. wow. that seems just crazy.  Ten years in one place?! Are we getting old?

The Nomadic Life

Staying true to the title of our blog, we are on the move again.  It’s always a relief when we move around, because it means that this blog is still relevant.  Dylan is dying to buy a house and I wouldn’t mind it either, but this blog is always in the back of my mind, knowing it would have to meet its end when we settle in one place.  Truthfully, it’s not the blog I would mourn, but my nomadic freedom that it represents. For the past 8 years I have instinctively avoided purchasing items larger than my backpack – besides my bike.  It has made moving so easy that I am happy to do it often.  I love being able to up and go in less than a week’s notice – a house-sit here, yoga course there, rental to fill in the gaps.  There’s something about it that makes me feel light and free.  Owning a house would be nice so that I could nest a little, but knowing it could sell anytime would be better. hah.  I think I’d still have a hard time purchasing something as large and cumbersome as a bed or a table.  If I was a cartoonist, I’d draw me with a heavy bed strapped to my back trying to ride my bike….ugh.  The comic would probably culminate in the buckling of the bike with the bed crushing us both.  Talk about being weighed down.  Plus, did you know that most of our back/neck pains and aches in North America are caused by so much sitting in a chair-like position – driving, eating, working?  Our hamstrings grow tight, pulling on our backs, our ankles get so used to that 90 degree angle on the floor and our hip flexors grow short and lazy, compressing that sciatic nerve everyone’s always complaining about.  Even our soft, cushy beds do us more harm than good. Down with chairs and couches, in with cushions and floors!

If you’re wondering where we’re going here’s the line-up

– I’ll be at Spirit Point Wilderness Camp in Algonquin working for the next 3 weeks and Dylan will stay with my parents

October 2010: My parents place Thornbury, Ontario

November 2010: House-sitting in Markdale

December 2010: a (furnished – no bed-buying yet) rental house in Heathcote, Ontario – this could be for a long haul….maybe even more than a year!

We rarely stray from the Beaver Valley/Georgian Triangle area and all of the above locations are within these boundaries.  We have chosen to live in this beautiful area for it’s pure beauty and access to all the natural playgrounds you could imagine.  Our families are close by and we are developing an awesome community of like-minded friends and colleagues.  We have lived in a log-cabin in the forest, on the beach and will be moving to on the river.  We make less than $30,000…actually I think this year will be less than $20,000 as I took some time to nurture some projects and commit to the work I am meant to do.  We are happy, and I think from living in the moment and finding happiness within, great things have come to us.  If you don’t happen to live in this beautiful, natural area but would like to see, feel, taste, hear and smell it for yourself, please let me know, we would love to share it with you!

Free* Hay Barn with Solar Panels?

Interesting.  It seems this company offers free hay/storage buildings to farmers in Ontario They come equipped with solar panels that will tie into the grid.  The company will earn the feed-in-tariff revenue from the solar energy generation for 20 years: the term of the lease and the term of the Provincial Feed In Tariff program (FIT).  Following that, it is the property of the farmer. Which is likely exactly when the solar panels will begin to malfunction and the building will begin to need some serious maintenance.  Sustainable solution or money maker for Hay Solar?  I smell greed.

Hay Solar offering "free*" Barn to Ontario Farmers

Beautiful Seatbelt Ad

Shanty on the Bay

We have begun living in a “cottage” on Nottawasaga beach that some people affectionately call “The Shanty on The Bay”.  It’s unfinished, moldy, the water smells like sulfur (ie. eggs), it’s full of old stuff that extends into the yard and fills a garage, and it comes with a cat.  Her name is Clarence.

This photo does it more justice.

The reason we live here.

Clarence, who comes with our rental, she's pretty much the Landlady