5 Favourite Things About Growing my Own Veggies This Year

What was once a sea of red and green tomatoes, has now returned to being our counter.

The 4 last green tomatoes stand alone on the counter next to jars of pasta sauce, salsa and home-made ketchup.  We’ve begun making soups and I just finished eating the last of our watermelons (!).

Noses are beginning to run and the only stuff left in the garden are the carrots, some greens and one little head of cabbage that was decimated by cabbage fly shortly after planting but is now determined to provide for us.

It’s hard to believe that we did what the books say – just get one season under your belt.

Not only that, but it was so successful that we’ve got a boot-room (a post on my dreams of a root cellar is to come) full of squash, potatoes, garlic, apples and I taught myself to can! (ok, fine, Google and YouTube taught me to can. Kind of sad actually when you think it should have been my mother or grandmother, but alas, my mother only ever did jams and I didn’t know my grandmothers). I realize that I’m still in the honeymoon phase of growing my own food, I’m sure in 20 years, it may just be another chore, however I do love the creative freedom that I have, the luxury of having local, organic food in my backyard and especially the relief from having to hunt for local, organic food elsewhere.

Here are my top 5 favourite things about growing vegetables:

1) Harvesting potatoes!

2) The funny things the cats do outside


3) The fun conversations I share with fellow gardeners and the things that I learn from them.

4) The abundance to share with neighbours, friends and passersby

5) The creepy critters that turn up that you get to show to kids

Do you have any favourite moments from this season?


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