Gun in Hand….and He Waved at Me

As I rode my bike home from work one day this week, a young boy was playing in his grandmother’s yard wearing a cape and shooting a toy gun at everything.  “Oh man,” my mind judged, “Straight from TV and games, and his grandma is right there, I wonder what she thinks, I wonder if this will affect what he grows up to be….” Until inevitably I was passing the driveway of his battleground, expecting to be shot at.

But I guess this is what children are for, because this little boy instantly brought me out of my narrow-minded judgments.  I was reminded of the simplicity and impermanence of every moment when he let his hand with the gun fall to the wayside and lifted his other, empty little hand to wave to me.  All intention of shooting things completely forgotten as he entered a new moment of enthusiastically hoping to connect to the biker passing by.  Who knows what the next moment would hold for him – would he go back to shooting or would a new moment catch his attention?  For him it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was to wave to the biker and see if she waves back.  I did.


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