How to Save $9000/yr ….. and the world.

Did you know that it costs an average of $9000 per year just to own a small car? That is not including the cost of purchasing the car itself, but just the gas, maintenance, insurance, license, etc. each year.  I don’t know how much a truck or large vehicle could run you, but I can imagine.  What this tells me is that when considering a salary that I need to live comfortably and sustainably, I can pretty much take $9000 less than anyone owning a car and survive quite well!  This is awesome news.  So, if I thought a $50,000/yr salary would make life easier, I can take a $41,000/yr salary and still afford those $3 local organic carrots!  What this also means is that if you can find a job close enough to home to walk/bike/transit, then you can save $9000/yr by selling your car (make sure to get rid of it, the $9000 still applies if it’s sitting in your driveway even).  This may be easier for households with 2 cars (Dylan has his beloved Land Rover, so tasks like buying watermelon aren’t so exhausting!), because you would still have one vehicle to get around in, especially if you live in either a suburb (designed for cars) or the country.  I love knowing that I’m saving $9000/year! Amazing.


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