Week 1: Lessons from the Ashram

Week 1 in Yoga Teacher Training Ashram, Quebec:


– There is a french and an English chant book – all chants in Sanskrit

– “Om” is “hello”, “present”, “testing” (the microphone), an awesome way of getting the attention of a large group, and a universal mantra


– Holding (retaining) my breath and sitting cross legged for-ev-er is the hardest part

– This is the first time in my life, I am not trying to escape from a rigorous schedule ie. it gives me complete happiness and health.  However, Swami tells us the first week is called Concentration Camp, full pun intended.


– Our Swami (a large Italian man..?) said that if we practice breath work and yoga postures every day for 10 years we will have enough “prana” (energy) to shake the world……hold onto your hats!

– What the…..?? Did she start in the same position as me?


– I fell backwards out of headstand and it didn’t hurt

– When I don’t consume caffeine, sugar, garlic or onions, I can use a natural deodorant and not be smelly

– I am in a class of 70 people from all over the world – Russia, Japan, Mexico, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. , only 5 or so of us are from Canada.

– With everyone doing one hour of karma yoga a day (I sweep and mop with love), the place is clean and beautiful – built entirely by karma yogis, no contractors here.


– While I am here, I read and sing and learn about the gods/deities, how to be a good yogi, what happened to yoga when it came to the west, the philosophy behind yoga with ancient yogic texts, how to pour water in one nostril and out the other and meditate……however I am encouraged to listen, ask questions, reflect….and THEN decide if I want to accept it as truth, there is a distinction between fanaticism (pushing others onto a certain path) and choosing your own path.

– When I completely quiet my ego, I have nothing to say. This may be an issue.

– I have no idea how I will continue this lifestyle, but it is one that I believe in and that helps me be healthy, happy and free.

– The Laurentians in Quebec are beautiful, I would love to live here.

There’s so much more to it, but sometimes there’s no words to describe it.  Like Brahman.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by kat on July 15, 2010 at 1:37 am

    so happy to hear you are loving it! miss you like crazy!


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