Free* Hay Barn with Solar Panels?

Interesting.  It seems this company offers free hay/storage buildings to farmers in Ontario They come equipped with solar panels that will tie into the grid.  The company will earn the feed-in-tariff revenue from the solar energy generation for 20 years: the term of the lease and the term of the Provincial Feed In Tariff program (FIT).  Following that, it is the property of the farmer. Which is likely exactly when the solar panels will begin to malfunction and the building will begin to need some serious maintenance.  Sustainable solution or money maker for Hay Solar?  I smell greed.

Hay Solar offering "free*" Barn to Ontario Farmers


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  1. Yes we offer a free 7500 sq ft barn to qualified Ontario Farmers at no cost – approx value $50,000. The solar PV system comes with 20 – 25 yr warranty from the manufacturer. Typically, output declines about 1% per year. Panels that fail are replaced under warranty. Total system lifetime expected at 35 yrs.

    After the lease ends, the barn and solar and any improvements are legally turned over to the farmer as is with no costs. They can apply to OPA for a FIT contract themselves, reconfigure the system to use the power on the farm in an off-grid configuration, or scrap the entire thing. There is approx $80,000 in aluminum on the roof. Lastly, do nothing, a glass covered roof may stand well beyond our time here on this earth.

    David Zwarych
    HaySolar Sales Manager


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