What do we have? Cabbage.

Cabbage has been just about the only vegetable that we can reliably get at our local small grocery chains, that is grown locally, is not over-packaged and is ok to eat non-organic.  I don’t really know anyone who “loves” cabbage like people love tomatoes, berries, chives etc.  Nonetheless, despite the deceiving greenness and summer-like weather lately, we are still bound to winter vegetables and cabbage is always in our fridge.

Desperate for a new way to make it, I asked Dylan yesterday if he thought we could roast cabbage?  He said sure, and for cabbage, that’s a decently enthusiastic reply.  So we roasted it and wow!!  By chopping it into bite-size pieces and letting the leaves fall apart on an olive-oiled baking sheet, they turned crispy and fun!  Like kale crisps (for anyone familiar with this delicious way of roasting kale).   So simple and thank goodness, something new 🙂

Roasted Cabbage Crisps


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