A Free and Simple Tip to Live more Sustainably

There are many lists of ways to “green” your home, office, car and life.  They can provide useful strategies and ideas, and they can sometimes be overwhelming.  It is difficult to decide what technology to adopt, whether a renovation is worth it, to buy organic or local and, who to believe.

Amongst all of these complex decisions, there is one action that you can take that can guide the rest of the decisions with a bit more ease;  it’s free, can be done anywhere and is understood globally: be still.  Rest, meditate, do nothing.  Close your eyes, close your mouth, lie down and breathe.  Notice what’s happening in your mind, witness it from an external perspective, without judgment.  Do this somewhere other than your bed or couch: the floor, a yoga mat, your office floor.

This is quite possibly the easiest yet hardest thing to do at once.  Take from these moments of stillness an awareness of your breath throughout the day.  Notice, that while you are deciding what’s for lunch, you’re breathing.  While you’re convincing your colleagues to agree with you, you’re breathing.  While you’re reading this article, you’re breathing.  Lastly, bring this level of awareness to everything you do.  Be present in the moment when meeting with others, when eating, when driving.  Being mindful of our actions and decisions can bring us back to what we truly need and make the decision easier, based on an awareness of how we feel at the instant.  It can also guide our decision making to view the greater picture and systems that our decision will impact and depend upon.  Our breath creates space in our thoughts to consider these elements of our needs and the systems we’re a part of.  It allows our clusters of thoughts for the day to settle and allows clarity to emerge.  Just a starting point here, I’ll suggest considering these 9 human needs, proposed by Max Neef to be timeless and universal, and how they are met in your day:


and next, I’ll suggest finding a spot to rest with your breath.


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  1. Posted by Neil on December 15, 2009 at 4:23 am

    You are an oracle


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