still a city-girl underneath the blundstones and farm jumpers

Despite my new found love for living in the rural Grey County of Ontario, on the occasion, I make my city-grown-past much too obvious:

1) While eating dinner, I can only stifle my yelps for the first 3 times that disoriented house flies ambush my hair, face and body, after this I let out full, high pitched yelps complete with flailing hands, hair and shaking to rid the buzzing terror from my personal space.

2) Driving up the driveway after our first major snowfall, I comment how it’s strange that “the guy” didn’t plow our drive. I am, very patiently and compassionately, informed that “no, he won’t plow yet because we’ll lose 1/2 the gravel on the driveway, he’ll wait till there’s a solid snowpack over the gravel”.  A dead give-away that I grew up in a concrete jungle.

3) I am eager to get some exercise, and I’m at least aware enough that nobody “runs” up here on the roads (well, none of the locals), however I can’t resist my urban itch to walk somewhere, so I walk into town.  No dog (anyone walking is usually doing so out of necessity up here), and suited up in my ski jacket, snowpants and hikers I walk down country roads with very little space for walkers, and when I hit highway 10, I’m pretty much the most hated and strange person to be seen this month.

4) In above #3, I still use the term “up here”; my frame of reference is clearly still southern Ontario ie. Toronto.

5) I still think we can bike to work in the winter.


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  1. Posted by Bryn on December 12, 2009 at 7:48 am


    I thought you had learned a little more all those years ago. By the way, I am very jealous of your wood stove.


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